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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Continuous Rain

Yesterday,  my friend Polina and I checked out the Park Kultury (Park of Culture) area after class. Within the larger Park Kultury, there is a smaller park called Gorky Park. Here, there are ponds, gardens, an amusement park and many expensive street venders. After buying an ice cream cone, we sat on a bench and watched kids and grown ups alike navigate a small pond in peddle boats. Suddenly, we hear booming thunder in the distance, and the sky becomes ominous. We decide to stroll through a small forested area, as lighting illuminates the threatening sky. I had brought my tiny umbrella with me, so we had some protection from potential rain. Little did I know that this dinky umbrella would stand no chance against Moscow's fierce downpour. As the rain becomes intensified, Polina and I find shelter under a big tree. Thoughts rush through my head that standing under a tree with an umbrella is not the best way to escape lighting and rain. I probably have not seen such a torrential downpour in my life. It was sunny one moment and stormy the next. Finally, when the dirt around our feet had turned into sloshy mud, we decided to book it for the nearby restaurant to stay dry. I love to run in the rain, but this was on a whole new level. Completely drenched, we sat out the rainstorm for 15 minutes or so in the cozy restaurant. I have noticed that the weather here in Moscow is very random and unpredictable. After it stopped raining, the weather become hot and the water immediately evaporated from the asphalt. Today the same thing happened when Zhenya gave me a mini tour of Moscow State University, where she studies. One minute it was sunny, the next it began to rain. Luckily, the rain was not too much of an adversary and there was no lighting. I would prefer this unpredictable wet weather over unbearable heat any day. Today, after seeing Moscow State, I met with my tutor, Natasha, and we went to a photography exhibit at the old Red October chocolate factory. The exhibit was called World Press Photo 11. After the exhibit, we wined and dined at the nearby restaurant on the Moscow River. Practicing Russian over wine is a great idea! Unfortunately, we were victims of the questionable Moscow service at restaurants, when we waited for our check for a good 15 mins. It has been a fun couple of days. My host mother loves to put ketchup on everything now! Time for homework and sleep.


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  1. Where are the photos of the downpour??!!! If you like that weather, you'll love Atlanta haha :).